Kelmarna Market Garden CSA

Our market garden produce is sold via a weekly veg box subscription system, also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership-based farming model where community members (you) and farmers (us) work together to grow and share food. 

With this model CSA members commit money up-front for a harvest season, in return receiving a fresh box of produce each week during that season. 

This CSA model provides essential community and financial support for us to plan ahead and operate in confidence, growing food for you with the accepted risk as well as rewards that each season may offer. 

This means that when conditions are good, everyone receives a bountiful harvest, and in the case of bad weather or crop failure, that everyone receives a little less. 

Weekly veg box – WINTER SEASON

13 weeks

Our winter season is sold out! 

Winter produce includes; beetroot, turnips, kohl rabi, cabbage, squash, radishes, spring onions, celery, kale, silverbeet, seasonal herbs, yacon, broccoli, fennel, microgreens, seasonal fruit and of course, our famous Kelmarna salad!

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The CSA shares are $520.00/season (13 x weeks at $40.00/box). This payment is made up front at the start of the season. Please reach out to us by email if you are unable to pay upfront, we can discuss a monthly payment plan.


Your vegetable box will be available for collection from Kelmarna Community Farm on Wednesdays between 10.00 am – 4.30pm. If you are unable to collect during this time your box will be available after hours in a covered area outside. 

Please bring your own large plastic container for salad and a reusable shopping bag to carry your fresh vegetables in, we’re moving away from single use packaging.

Why a CSA?

Becoming a member of a CSA means embracing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

By joining us, you not only receive a share of our bountiful harvest but also support local agriculture and reduce your carbon footprint. As a member, you’ll experience the joy of knowing exactly where your food comes from and who grows it.

  • Farms secure funding for the season ahead
  • Members get regular portions of fresh, seasonal food
  • Members can experience the diverse flavours of each season, expanding your culinary horizons
  • Shared risk & shared reward
  • Community members connect more closely with their food & each other
  • Minimal marketing & sales time, meaning farmers can more focus on growing food
  • No production food waste or packaging waste

As part of our aim to model a better food system, we hope that we can increase awareness of the importance of knowing the source of your food, and encourage the development of other CSAs across New Zealand.

Join our Kelmarna CSA today and taste the difference fresh, local, and sustainable can make!

Frequently asked questions

If I miss a pick up one week do I get a refund?

Unfortunately no, for the sustainability of our farm we need our customers’ commitment to pay for the full season. This ensures we can pay our growers a fair wage and maintain the momentum of our work.

If I let you know in advance that I won’t make a pick up can I have an extra week?

No, but if you cannot pick-up your share, you can arrange for someone else to do so. Please remember to explain the pick-up location and procedures to your substitute. If you failed to collect your share on your collection day we will donate your share to volunteers to ensure food is not wasted.

Can I pay weekly or fortnightly?

Upfront payment for the whole season is crucial in keeping the admin costs of running the scheme low. Many members enjoy how convenient it is to just pay once and know you’re covered for the whole season. However if your financial position inhibits this please reach out to us by email, we can discuss a monthly payment plan.

Will I know what’s in my box every week?

At the launch of each season we’ll update our website and send out an email with the veggies we’re growing for that season. What’s in your box will be a selection of these each week. We are unable to specify each vegetable for every specific week, but it gives you a rough idea of when certain veggies are in season. We’ll also communicate by email any time there is a new, more unusual vegetable, to help you identify these and know how to cook with them.

If I don’t like something in my box, can I swap it for something else?

No, making bespoke boxes for everyone would create a lot more work for us, it’s not really a sustainable way of offering CSA. We do our best to supply you with a diverse box, and if you need help with recipe ideas just let us know.

Can I volunteer?

Yes of course! We love volunteers. Find out more about volunteering opportunities on our website here.