Our community farm is more than just a place to grow delicious, organic produce; it’s a gathering space for friends, families, and neighbours to come together and celebrate the beauty of nature, learn about organic farming, and share in the joys of a local, climate-friendly food system.

In our core event programme you’ll find our Farm Dinners, Festival and Spring Seedling Sale. In addition to these, we add in other relevant seasonal events when inspiration strikes! You’ll hear about all of these events first as a subscriber to our newsletter.

Our Core Events

Spring Seedling Sale

Every spring we’re busy preparing seedlings to support your home-growing journey. We’ve got a wide range of organically raised seedlings perfect for your summer and autumn gardening. As well as the usual annuals, you’ll find plenty of flowers, herbs and perennials. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to dish out tips and provide guidance on selecting the perfect seedlings for your garden.

Farm Dinners

An unforgettable pop-up dining experience held over two weeks in the summer. Our Farm Dinners showcase the best of our farm-fresh ingredients in a delightful set-menu crafted by our favourite local chefs. Enjoy a gorgeous evening with family and friends, savouring the flavours of our bountiful harvest from the farm. 

Kelmarna Festival

Our Festival is a joyful community event with activities and inspiration for the whole family! Come celebrate the abundance of summer and inspire positive change for our planet. Hosted by Kelmarna, and in collaboration with a diverse array of partners, including local restaurants, food businesses, organic suppliers, community organisations, talented musicians, and more, this event promises an enriching celebration of our work.