Kelmarna produce is sold through our on-site shop, enabling people to access certified organic produce, grown locally, and harvested fresh!

Our ever-popular salad mix is available year-round, as well as a rotating cast of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers, including many varieties that you won’t find at the supermarket.

All proceeds from produce sales fund our work to teach people about growing food, connect people with nature and their community, and support people through horticultural therapy.


Wednesdays: 10am – 4pm

Saturdays: 9am – 12pm

12 Hukanui Crescent,

Ponsonby, Auckland


We’re proud to be able to offer nutritious eggs from hens with a great quality of life, and hope that you’ll enjoy them too!

Our hens range on our pasture and under our trees. They are fed organically from a mixture of brought-in organic feed, greens grown and foraged on-site and food rescued from the community. 

We have a small amount of eggs available through our Farm Shop during it’s opening hours. Please BYO egg carton.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our egg subscription to get a guaranteed, supply for your household at a slightly reduced price.

Our aim is to develop a truly regenerative model for egg production, using our perennial crops, waste products from our community, and insects we grow on-site to reduce our dependence on industrial feed grains grown elsewhere. 


We continue to work with Hannah Miller (A Lady Butcher), who shares our values around regenerative farming practices, connecting consumers transparently to their food, and a zero waste approach.

Twice a year Hannah puts together 5kg (approximately) meat packs for our community to order, as well as a limited number of offal add-ons to ensure that none of these nutrient-dense elements go to waste.