Joining our ‘Friends of Kelmarna’ Membership Scheme is one of the most powerful ways to be part of our mission to create a better food future and more connected communities.

The Kelmarna ecosystem is dependent on community support.

Join us and make a meaningful contribution to nurturing and growing Kelmarna, helping us continue to build a more resilient and impactful community farm. 

Changing our food system and showcasing a better model begins here, working together in collaboration. Every investment we make in this work is critical, and right now we need your help to weather a challenging financial period. 

Become a member today to keep us on track with our vision of a regenerative local food system which supports climate change mitigation, urban resilience and community wellbeing. 

Your membership contribution gives us hope that the future can be one of collaboration and strength, working together to make our goals a reality.

Rad-ish supporter: $96 per year ($8/month)

Cool-cumber supporter: $180 per year ($15/month) 

Incom-pear-able supporter: $300 per year ($25/month)

Un-beet-able supporter: $960 per year ($80/month)

All members receive:

  • Entry to any and all raffles: one entry per member, per raffle
  • Our new member-only newsletters x 2 per year
  • Invitation to our AGM 
  • Name recognition on the supporters page of our website

 As our community and network grows, so will our membership offerings!

We offer our supporters membership via a sliding scale pricing structure.
Choose the rate you feel you can afford.


Make a one-off contribution.


Ngā mihi me ngā whakawhetai nui!

Thank you for your support!