Kelmarna lamb

Our Wiltshire lambs are 100% pasture-raised, using regenerative organic grazing methods that prioritise the health of the animals and the wider ecosystem.

We are pleased to be able to give our community the opportunity to purchase locally-raised meat directly from a source where they can be certain that it has been produced in the best way possible.

Our animals are processed off-site, in a small family-run abattoir in an on-farm setting. We believe that on-farm slaughter provides the best option for minimising stress to the animals, allowing consumers to buy meat from farms they trust, and enabling farmers and customers to both get a fair price.

Please note that while we have only used organic methods since the lambs arrived with us, their meat cannot be Certified Organic, as the breeder that we purchased them from does not have organic certification.

If you’d like to read more about why and how farming animals forms part of our system at Kelmarna, you can do so here.

Kelmarna lamb pack – $170

+ transaction fee

As all the butchery at A Lady Butcher is performed from the whole carcass, each box will be a little different, and you’ll get a mix of cuts, including a balance of higher and lower value cuts, adding up to between 4.5kg and 5kg in total.

You can expect a selection from the following in your box:

– Rack or Loin Chops
– Ribs
– Rump On-the-Bone
– Leg Steaks
– Oyster Shoulder​
– Neck
– Fore or Hind Shanks
– Diced Lamb
– Lamb Mince

The butchery team will also provide suggestions for cooking methods where appropriate.

We continue to work with Hannah Miller (A Lady Butcher), who shares our values around regenerative farming practices, connecting consumers transparently to their food, and a zero waste approach.

Twice a year Hannah puts together 5kg (approximately) meat packs for our community to order, as well as a limited number of offal add-ons to ensure that none of these nutrient-dense elements go to waste.

Our meat packs are on sale now! Available for a limited time only.

Meat packs will be ready for collection (directly from A Lady Butcher’s premises in Mt Eden) on Friday 14th and Saturday the 15th of June.